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What is a Brew Pool?

A brew pool is a cool nickname for Brewlabs staking pools. You can stake your Brewlabs tokens as well as dozens of other project tokens through our platform! We are quickly becoming known for providing one of the best and most secure staking platforms in the crypto space. We also think getting our own work audited is imperative, so the staking pools on our platform have also been audited by Certik. You can rest assured that your funds are stored in smart contracts that have been audited and signed off by one of the other industry leading auditing firms. You can view the Certik reports here​
Have a browse of the projects using our staking platform - and if your favourite token isn’t listed, put them in touch with us and we’d be happy to work with them to create a solution so you can put your crypto to work.
If you are a project looking to offer staking to your holders, please reach out to us either through our Telegram group or through our website​

What is a staking pool and how does it work?

Staking pools are a common utility concept available across many platforms in the decentralised finance space and a great way to earn passive income on your existing holdings.
The process of staking is undertaken by the individual who instead of holding their tokens in a web3 wallet can instead lock their tokens into a staking pool contract. The staking pool contract will then reward the individual for the lock up of tokens by slowly releasing additional free tokens on top of the individual's original staked amount. It’s important to remember that the staking rewards depend on the project and how they chose to fund the rewards pool, as well as the number of people participating in the pool.
Our pools are also designed to ensure that you still receive the reflections offered by your project from trading volume, whilst you are staking your tokens. Two streams of passive income!

How do I get started with staking?

It's very easy! Head over to the Brew Pools staking page and find a token you would like to stake with. Remember, you must hold the tokens you are willing to initially stake. Be sure to check the information about the pools including return APY (annualised yield), fees and minimum lock up periods.

Do I still receive my reflections while staking?

Yes, absolutely! The staking contracts are designed to capture trading volume reflections so when you harvest your rewards you will also harvest the rewards of the token that you are staking, resulting in you collecting two streams of passive income!

NFT staking and power up

Future staking pools will include the option to combine your staked token with an NFT. This NFT will provide a boost to your staked value. For example, you could receive a 2x in rewards for 24 hours when using a particular NFT or a 0% withdrawal fee from a staking pool!
Wallets will be able to mint one NFT per 24 hours at the cost of Brewlabs token. The NFT will be randomly generated with a possibility of a number of staking power ups or as a material to combine with other materials to create a new NFT. All mints that use the Brewlabs token will burn the Brewlabs token as part of the transaction.