Brewlabs is made up of core foundations powering the future vision and growth of this project. The business is led by professionals with significant commercial experience, who have an aim to create an ecosystem of cutting-edge and unique offerings that give the Brewlabs token infinite growth potential. We aim to create a reputation of trust and security within the cryptocurrency space and want to offer our community exceptional opportunities to be part of one of the fastest growing projects that there is today.
Our community is one of our strongest assets we have and we welcome all to become part of the exciting new journey that we are embarking on.
Brewlabs has the following exciting offerings:

πŸ’Έ Opportunity

  • Passive income in BUSD through trading reflections
  • Fully decentralized platform and tools
  • Passive income of Brewlabs and affiliated project tokens from staking pools and vaults
  • Multiple additional rewards across the ecosystem powered by NFTs.
  • Early access to upcoming token releases and airdrops
  • Access to private sales from any Brewlabs Services Hub contract build
  • A strong future driven by Brewlabs proprietary franchise contracts
  • Brewlabs bonds and decentralised bond market
  • Uplift from services revenue buy back model

✨ Benefits

  • Access to the Brewlabs Services Hub, which includes discounted rates on smart contract auditing and development
  • Access to a range of new utility tools for the space, which include discounted fees for any Brewlabs holders
  • Ongoing development improvements across the Brewlabs ecosystem to better improve the community experience and opportunity

🀝 Education & Support

  • Ongoing community support through effective moderation and timely responses
  • Guidance or assistance from the Brewlabs team
  • Weekly AMAs with the community to help answer any questions and discussion around development updates and product releases
  • Access to content to help better improve decision making in this space
  • Access to verified partner projects
What's the idea behind Brewlabs?