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❄️ Live - Brewlabs Freezer

This tool is live and can be found here https://freezer.brewlabs.info/
The "Brewlabs Freezer" is our liquidity locking tool available for communities across the cryptocurrency space to utilise as a safety net by securing liquidity tokens in a time lock contract.
Brewlabs does have the ability to end a liquidity lock early for a project by means of "Defrosting" the liquidity lock. The defrost (unlock) request of the project is subject to Brewlabs due diligence.
There is a fee to process the defrost on behalf of the requesting project, the fee is 5.00 BNB which is revenue directed to do the Brewlabs Treasury Contract.
The Freezer also offers maintenance on liquidity locks such as
  • Increase locked LP amount.
  • Extend LP lock duration.
  • Split LP lock ownership between team wallets.
  • Transfer ownership of LP lock to another wallet.
The Freezer has more updates to land to further improve its service offering and functionality in 2022.

What is a liquidity locking tool?

A liquidity locking tool allows developers/communities to lock their liquidity tokens within a time secure smart contract for set duration. Locking liquidity tokens in a smart contract reduces the risk that the initial liquidity provider (usually the team) will abruptly withdraw liquidity from the decentralised exchange, therefore ceasing the contract’s ability to transact.
The practice of abruptly withdrawing the majority liquidity tokens from a decentralised exchange pool is labelled "rug pull."

Is there a cost for this tool?

There is a cost to use this tool. Great news though, if you hold the Brewlabs token, you are eligible for a discount! Revenue from this tool is directed to the Brewlabs Treasury Contract.
Hey liquidity! Stay frosty!