Welcome to Brewlabs

💰 Revenue Buy-Back Model

As a result of revenue-generating services and tools, Brewlabs has the unique opportunity to convert services and tool income from BNB into the Brewlabs token both autonomously, through our many tools, and manually, through Brewlabs Services Hub revenue. This ongoing buy-back model allows Brewlabs to continue the ongoing accumulation of its own token and to then recycle it back into the Brewlabs ecosystem. Purchased tokens are reused in farms, staking, bond markets and unibridge reserves, with the aim to avoid the mint and inflation of the token.
The Brewlabs Token Smart Contract does contain a mint on emission function as a precautionary measure to mint supply if required.

Tool Fees & Buy-Back

Our range of tools, such as the Airdrop, Zapper, Constructor, Unibridge, Bot Yard, Freezer, Furnace and Brewlabs Launchpad will all be built with fee buy-back logic. This autonomous fee management is unique to the Brewlabs tool range, routing generated fees to buy the Brewlabs token rather than depositing BNB revenue to individual wallets. As adoption occurs across our tool range, the smart contracts behind the tools will be actively buying Brewlabs as fees are charged across the utility ecosystem. The purchased Brewlabs tokens by our tools will be sent to our Recycle Core wallet to be allocated across farms, staking, bond markets and unibridge reserves.
Brewlabs tools contain a universal standardised fee of 0.0035 BNB on the Binance Smart Chain and 0.0089 ETH on the Ethereum Network. This fee is charged on user transactions and integrated into the gas of the transaction being executed.

Service Fees & Buy-Back

Another strong point of difference for Brewlabs is the project revenue stream from the Brewlabs Services Hub. Our workflow revenue is paid in BNB for client services which can then be utilized for further development of the Brewlabs ecosystem, as well as manual revenue buy backs of the Brewlabs token. We often undertake revenue buy-back purchases of the Brewlabs token to help sustain a healthy Recycle Core reserve. As demand continues to increase for our services, holders can expect ongoing revenue buy backs.